What is the secret to achieving the perfect pancake?

"If you have visited Maine, or if someday you do, it's a sure bet that you'll remember the nation's northeasternmost state for its seemingly limitless supply of lobster, its breathtaking coastline, and its signature lighthouses.

But what I'll remember from our family trip to Camden, Maine, last week, was the pancakes. From eight states and hundreds of miles away, I can almost taste the fluffy, sweet pancakes with which we started every morning during our stay at the Whitehall Inn......."  _ Tracy Sahler, Delmarva Now, June 24, 2009

Camden, Maine article in Boat U.S. Trailering Magazine

"Many of the homes that once belonged to sea captains coming into and leaving Camden are now elegant B&Bs. These include the Whitehall Inn, built in 1834 and used in the filming of Peyton Place in the late '50s....." Read the rest of the article

May 8th, 2008 - President's daughter guest at Whitehall Inn - Camden Herald

Camden and the Whitehall Inn played a small part in the engagement last year that preceded this coming weekend’s wedding of the President’s daughter. Greg and Sue Marquise, owners of the Whitehall Inn, have confirmed that Jenna Bush and her fiance Henry Hager stayed at the inn during August 2007, the day before Hager’s well-publicized proposal on the slopes of Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island. Read the rest of the article

September, 2007 - La Portofino Del Maine - Dove Magazine

Italy’s largest travel magazine, in a glossy 19-page spread on the Maine coast, has likened Camden Harbor to one of their country’s prized locations.

In its September issue, Dove Magazine called Camden “la Portofino del Maine” referring to a small trendy fishing village in the Italian Riviera.

The article contains four photographs of Camden including the Whitehall Inn, Waterfront Restaurant and the windjammer Mary Day.

The Whitehall Inn was one of only seven lodging establishments featured for the entire Maine coast.

June 9th, 2007 - 50 years since scandalous pages of 'Peyton Place' translated to big screen - AP

When moviemakers wanted to film "Peyton Place" in this small seaside town, the best-selling novel the movie was to be based on was so scandalous the local library didn't even keep it on its shelves. The book had sparked outrage with its titillating look behind closed doors in a proper New England town. People read it in secret, and it was banned from many schools and homes. But that didn't keep Camden from welcoming 20th Century Fox... Read the rest of the article