A number of movies have been filmed in the Camden area. The Whitehall Inn has been featured in two of them, including Stephen King's "Thinner."

But the most famous and notorious was Peyton Place, an American cinema classic. It was based on a novel that was a best-seller despite being banned in many homes, schools and libraries.

Camden welcomed 20th Century Fox after New Hampshire, the book's setting, and Vermont turned them down.

The controversial movie never won an Oscar despite nine nominations, but it opened the door to social commentary on many once taboo subjects, such as sex, alcohol, spousal abuse and incest.

The Whitehall Inn was one of the centers of attraction for the filming in 1957.

The New York Times called the Whitehall Inn a perfect choice as "the great pictorial beauty on an elm-lined street, with white clapboards, a typical small New England town inn."

The large verandah of the Whitehall Inn, with its many rocking chairs, made famous in the movie, continues to welcome guests today.

A 50th anniversary celebration of the movie in 2007 was heralded in news stories seen around the world, and movie fans came from everywhere to see memorabilia and meet some of those involved in the making of the film.

Peyton Place and Thinner both featured wide shots of the Whitehall Inn. There was a notable porch scene filmed on the inn's porch as well. Thinner also converted the lobby of the inn into a large restaurant for a scene of gluttony involving the main character.

Scene from "Thinner" filmed at The Whitehall Inn